1. You may fund your Account by credit or debit card, wire transfers or SEPA transfers, e-wallets or other similar methods of money transfer acceptable by Blue Suisse in its absolute discretion. We do not guarantee that all the transfer methods are available to be used in your country. Transfers to fund your account can only be initiated by you either

1)  Through our website to the trading account or

2)  Through the assistance of a telephone representative, subject to your express consent.

2. The minimum initial deposit required to start trading is described in the “Accounts Types” section of our Website. At our discretion, we can allow you to start trading if you have transferred fewer funds than the minimum initial deposit.

3. Blue Suisse handles all transactions the day they are received. However, transaction time also depends on the processing time required by the sender bank.

4. Blue Suisse does not accept transfer funds from third parties. The name(s) on the trading account must be an exact match with the name(s) on the account of the other financial institution.

5. The Client may withdrawal funds deposited to his/her Account and/or profit gained through trading Transactions from his/her Accounts only to the relevant account or card that was used to fund the Account (such account to be called “Originating Account/Card”). Transfers (withdrawals) of funds to accounts or cards other than the Originating Account/Card may be permitted at the Company`s sole discretion and provided the Company is satisfied that there is a reasonable justification for transmitting the funds to a different account (e.g. in case of death of the account holder, the money can be transferred to his inheritor).

6. If the withdrawal request contains all the required information, it will be processed by us within a maximum of 2 working days, although we do our best to process withdrawal requests within 1 working day. Nevertheless, the client should receive his money within 3-5 business days.

7. If the withdrawal request is made to us without meeting all requirements, the Company reserves absolute discretion to withhold this withdrawal request until all legal requirements are met. Blue Suisse does not charge any fees for transferring withdrawal funds to the client. However, the client should be aware that other banks involved in the transfer could charge fees for their transactions.

8. The maximum amount that can be transferred to your initial deposit facility is equal to the initial deposit made. Profits made can only be transferred to your bank account.

9. The Client is fully responsible for the payment details given to the Company and the Company accepts no responsibility for the Client`s funds if the details provided by the Client are incorrect.

10. The Company will process withdrawals of Client funds only when the identity of the Client is verified by valid “Know Your Client” and Anti-Money Laundering documentation.

10.1. Blue Suisse shall make any payments due to the client in such a manner as we deem appropriate in the circumstances and maintain a zero-tolerance policy for any violations of these Terms and Conditions such as, but not limited to, any fraudulent credit/debit card use, credit/debit card chargebacks, or other processor chargebacks (regardless of when the transaction or chargeback occurred), in which case all accounts will be immediately and irrevocably terminated. Any open trades associated with the account will be immediately closed and future trades will be refused as per our Terms and Conditions. You acknowledge that we are not required to provide you notice before closing your trades and/or account but may choose to do so.

10.2. In cases of suspected “Friendly Fraud” such as an unwarranted chargeback claim against a legitimate transaction, you acknowledge that, in addition to the rights mentioned in provision

10.1, the Company also reserves the right to:

10.2.1. Immediately, irrevocably, and indefinitely ban you - and all third parties you have authorized to act on your behalf - from using our services. We reserve the right to implement bans on:

1. All IP addresses used to access or otherwise associated with your account;

2. Your own and your authorized third parties’ registered postal and billing addresses transmitted during the account verification process;

3. Your own and your authorized third parties’ names and last names, and all other identification details as they appear on the identification documents submitted during the account verification process;

4. Any other identifying elements we may find appropriate and effective.

10.2.2. All bans will be final and non-negotiable and may include any of the following actions:

1. Recover the chargeback amount(s) from your account’s remaining balance;

2. Seize the total sum of profits from your account’s remaining balance;

3. Notify all relevant credit issuers and credit rating institutions;

4. Pursue criminal proceedings against you for credit card fraud;

5. Initiate civil proceedings against you for redress, compensation, and recovery of any incurred losses and damages, including damages to reputation, directly or indirectly related to fraudulent chargebacks.

11. Blue Suisse provides clients with the ability to use deposited funds in exchange for trading or investing. We accept deposits in the following currencies: USD, EUR and CHF. Each client has 3 personal Wallets (for EUR, USD and CHF). If the client needs to transfer funds from his USD Wallet to EUR Wallet, the client can use an internal transfer. When a client exchanges funds from one currency to another, additional charges may apply. Currencies exchange is always made according to the current exchange rate on the market.

12. Please note this policy cannot be exhaustive, and additional conditions or requirements may apply at any time due to regulations and policies, including those set to prevent Money Laundering. Please note any usage of the site and services is subject to the Terms and Conditions, as may be amended from time to time by Blue Suisse, at its sole discretion.

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