Independently or via Blue Suisse Group partners we also offer the full range of software development, from the client relationship to risk management systems as well as data stream networks through global network infrastructures. Moreover, we enable total visibility of your accounts and tailor made reporting with our unique back-office applications.

Advantages of our powerful CRM


Ready pre-integrated reliable system, multiple trading platform integration. Have an API of easy access and connectivity to other systems.


Our systems are protected by 7/24 firewall, secured with 256 bit SSL certificate and IP protection is provided.


Reliable automation, giving the advantage of streamed operations, designed for different departments depending on your company's strategy and business-model.


Automated deployment, API ready, ready-made preactive deployment, with the capability of establishing the system in no time.

MAM platforms

Your best solution to manage several trading accounts

Blue Suisse MAM and Multi-terminal solutions allow you to manage several trading accounts through a single platform. Your terminal gives you a list of tools you need for managing all your accounts in one and at the same time.

Key features

  • The ability to trade block orders from a single main account
  • Different types of orders allocation methods (proportional, percentage or by lot size)
  • The ability to manage more than one master account with different setups and trading strategies
  • The availability of all the regular order types that are usually available on MetaTrader 4 (MT4) (limit, market, stop, trailing stop, etc.) as well as on the Trademaster
  • The ability to trade using Expert Advisors (EAs) or algorithmic trading
  • The ability to easily manage and generate detailed trading reports
  • Data stream platforms

    Blue Suisse stream analytics, prices and markets facilitates the development and deployment of low-cost solutions that can gain real-time insights from devices and applications. This streaming enables users to gather, analyse and correlate information that comes from a variety of reliable sources into one platform or tailor made solution.

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    CFDs are complex financial products traded on margin. Trading CFDs is risky and may not be suitable for all investors. Ensure you understand the risks involved as you may lose all your invested capital. Past performance of CFDs is not a reliable indicator of future results. Most CFDs have no set maturity date and a CFD position matures on the date an open position is closed. Please read our Important Risk Disclosure.

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