The foreign exchange, the worlds biggest market, is a global, de-centralised, over-the-counter market for trading currencies. Blue Suisse offers 80+ currency pairs from around the world.

What are currency pairs?

Currency trading allows you to speculate on the movement of one currency against another, and is traded in pairs, for example the Euro against the US Dollar (EUR/USD). Each currency has its own three letter code, for example, the US Dollar is abbreviated to USD, Euro is abbreviated to EUR, British Pound is abbreviated to GBP etc.

Trade 80+ currency pairs

Account Types

Trade currencies through our 3 different account types

Tight Spreads

Our spreads are very competitive and we do not charge any additional commission

Major, Minor and Exotics

We offer all Major and the most traded Minors and Exotics pairs.

High Margin

Trade currencies with up to 1:200 leverage (1:30 for beginners)

Who trades currencies?

Currency markets are important to a broad range of participants, from banks, brokers, hedge funds, small companies, big multinationals and investors who trade foreign exchange.

What moves currency markets?

Economic data affects critical areas of a country’s economy like inflation, unemployment numbers, foreign trade or payrolls.

Central banks can have a huge influence over the performance of currencies, for example by changing interest rates or printing more money. Central banks can also buy and sell their own currency in order to keep it trading within a certain level.

The political situation in a country plays a major role in its economic outlook and affects the value of its currency.

Why Blue Suisse?

With fast, reliable execution and tight spreads, here is why our clients choose Blue Suisse


The management's decades of experience in regulated online trading

Regulated in the European Union by the MFSA

Risk management tools to help protect your positions

Trade on multiple platforms and devices

Actionable Buy/Sell trade ideas from our research portal

Fast, easy payments and secure withdrawals

Unique daily technical- and fundamental analysis in 10 languages from our superb in-house research team.

Start trading in four simple step

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Open your live trading account

2. Verify

Upload your documents to verify your account

3. Fund

Deposit funds directly into your account

4. Trade

Start trading and choose from 130+ instruments

Demo account

The Blue Suisse Trading Account with virtual funds in a risk-free environment

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The Blue Suisse Trading Account in our transparent live model environment

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