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Most speculators find it difficult to have lasting success when trading on financial markets. The reasons are complex and multi-faceted, but most professional traders agree that the primary problem is not the technical requirements or the financial markets themselves but the human psyche.

Fear of loss, greed, insecurity and indecisiveness are some of the entirely understandable feelings that often stand in the way of profits.

In addition, there are the practical problems such a lack of time, missing information and insufficient or even non-existing analytical tools.

Admittedly, the task is not simple. Numerous market factors constantly influence price movements. Publication of market data, political statements, or unexpected news can switch the direction of price within seconds and completely wipe out a day’s trends.

Up until now, foreign exchange trading has mostly taken place among professional market participants. Due to the difficulty of obtaining real time information and being able to take part in the market movements, private traders were mostly excluded from this segment. That is now changing.

TradeMaster is taking things to a new dimension. The software provides the trader with current prices and allows him to carry out transactions directly on the market at any time.

To give traders a clear overview of the price movements and to help them recognize the probabilities of further price developments, numerous innovative analytical tools are integrated into the instrument. TradeMaster also includes the option of carrying out trading strategies completely automatically.

This client solution was developed with futuristic technologies. In addition to state of the art programming, system redundancies to secure trades, redundant server solutions and of course specially encrypted data transmission systems are all part of it.

Foreign exchange trading has no fixed terms and guarantees which makes liquidity and the possibility of acting at any time its central characteristics. Then there is also a high level of volatility, and most of all transparency.

Foreign exchange trading actually has the highest turnover of any market segment. Daily global turnover is estimated at a massive three trillion US dollars. Then there is the inter-bank trade with foreign currencies and interest rate derivatives with an additional two trillion US dollars in daily turnover, and the trend is still expanding. According to a survey by the Bank for International Settlements, foreign exchange trading revenues rose by 70 percent in the years 2004-2007 alone. However, it is not merely the high liquidity levels that foreign exchange traders see as a benefit. As opposed to certificates or funds there are no fees involved in foreign currency trading. Only the spreads between the purchase and sales price need to be paid. In addition, trading is possible practically around the clock.

It is thus possible to act and react at any time. Due to the permanent fluctuations between currencies, it is possible to make substantial profits within a single trading day but it is also just as easy to suffer heavy losses.

TradeMaster with its numerous analytical methods is the best in the world up to now. We therefore make the clear claim that our software shall always be designed so that traders don’t “drown” in the flood of information but can always use it sensibly for their individual trading.

Intuitive controls, simple intelligibility and last but not least the calculation of all the information based on real-time valuations are the defining characteristics of software that provides enormous support when interpreting exchange situations for your trading success.

TradeMaster not only combines tried and tested analytical tools with a direct trading screen. You can also either use the ones we recommend with our years of exchange trading experience or apply the trading strategies that you have selected to run automatically.

TradeMaster will win you over with the highest software standards, redundant system behavior for constant performance monitoring and its user friendly interface.

The number of indicators for the marketplace events is unmanageably high. It begins with simple technical indicators and fundamental data to highly complicated mathematical formulas or neural networks, the range of analytical tools and indication instruments is so vast that an individual can barely keep track of them. The individual trader can lose his way in more than the variety of market indicators. The user finds it very confusing deciphering the purpose of individual instruments and when and why they are useful to traders. At Blue Suisse traders are working for traders. And thus the interpretation of market indicators has been on our agenda from the very beginning

The goal we have set for ourselves when developing TradeMaster was to integrate the market indicators in the software so that the user does not need to interpret individual indicators or combinations of indicators but will receive clear signals that he/she can immediately use when deciding to go long or short. We therefore made it our primary focus to have the type of signaling adjusted for the corresponding trading approach.

An instrument was created with the TradeMaster Indicator Module that combines universal application possibilities with clear statements. A large range of alternative tools that can be set to allow for optimal signaling for your individual trading approach - of course without forcing you to additionally evaluate charts.

Direction and Timing

For an outsider there doesn’t seem to be anything simpler than trading with financial instruments:

Buy, wait until the price rises and then sell at a higher price. Sell, wait until the price falls and then buy it back at a lower price.

What seems at first glance to be so easy quickly develops to apparently unsolvable problems for traders.

Prices rise and fall all the time but:

How can one recognize their direction and the right time to buy and sell?

This second point is what makes trading into such an incomparable challenge. Because it can be tough.

It’s no wonder that some traders dream of finding a clear and sure orientation in the matter. However, the problems are not quite as easy to solve in real life as they are in dreams. The problem surely cannot be solved with the combination of a handful of technical indicators set in a chart.

In many situations it is relatively easy to determine the direction that a market will probably take in the future.

But when it comes to timing, i.e. determining when to specifically enter and exit the market, even experienced professionals get into trouble.

In order to make such a decision you can look to all sorts of sources of information from fundamental data, technical indicators, market news, chart information, event astrology is sometimes used by traders when making their forecasts, and all of this information is available as software or on the internet.

No wonder that traders feel lost in this jungle. It is also clear what one dreams of in such a situation; of an instrument that is simple to use and leads to assured success.

We at Blue Suisse have made this dream our mission. The principle that we are applying is the translation of useful information and calculations into clear signals that can still be adapted to each trading approach.

Always up to date and with quick and secure access to the market, TradeMaster® puts traders in a position to react promptly to every situation. However, emotions can come into play in such a situation. The extreme volatility on financial markets can create a number of problems and it is debatable as to whether panic or euphoria tend to be the best advisors when trading.

Such situations are where our software earns its masters. TradeMaster can do more than merely analyze prices according to various parameters. The experts at Blue Suisse have also equipped the instrument with master strategies based on their extensive experience.

The strategies each use special analytical methods, which allow for trading to be adjusted to one's individual temperament or individual habits, where wagers can be made on short-term or long-term trends or various risk parameters can be defined. A differentiated rating system, which also evaluates the risk/reward ratio, provides support in making decisions.

Most speculators find it difficult to have lasting success when trading on financial markets. The reasons are complex and multi-faceted, but most professional traders agree that the primary problem is not the technical requirements or the financial markets themselves but the human psyche.

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