Trade the most popular cryptocurrencies

Emerging over the last decade and poised as the asset class of the future, cryptocurrencies provide a new system of transactions, which offers exciting prospects for live trading.

With new industries rapidly adopting blockchain technology, recent years have seen cryptocurrencies quickly rise in value - offering traders a greater opportunity than ever to get involved with these new instruments.

Cryptocurrencies have large market movements that CFD`s traders can take advantage of - without the need to purchase actual cryptos or have an existing crypto wallet.

Blue Suisse currently provides 4 cryptocurrencies with leverage up to 5:1 across all of our trading platforms, allowing you to access to these markets wherever you are in the world, on any device. More cryptos to come very soon…

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are much more volatile than traditional currencies and carry significant risks.



As the most popular asset in an emerging class, Bitcoin provides an opportunity to further diversify your trading through its self-governing supply and demand. Reaching a market capitalization of over $100 billion, Bitcoin has been growing into an increasingly used trading instrument, giving more opportunities than ever for trading.


Ethereum is currently ranked as the second most valuable cryptocurrency in market capitalization. Instead of focusing purely on transactions like Bitcoin, Ethereum serves a greater variety of industry uses giving it a competitive edge over other cryptos. These extended uses include smart contracts and blockchain application platforms, which have allowed Ethereum to have large price changes in recent months, making it a volatile instrument for clients to trade.



Short for “Digital Cash”, Dash was created in an attempt to improve the speed and anonymity of crypto transactions. Being the first cryptocurrency with a decentralised governance, Dash has been able to create an efficient payment system that has led to having higher liquidity than its counterparts, making it one of the most valuable instruments in this asset class.


Launched initially in 2011 as an alternative to Bitcoin, Litecoin uses a simpler algorithm for block generation to speed up transactions. This faster speed has allowed Litecoin to become a very popular trading instrument with an increasing market capitalization in recent years.

Advantages of Trading Cryptocurrencies with Blue Suisse:
  • Leverage up to 5:1
  • No commission fees
  • The ability to hedge on a single account
  • Access to institutional spreads and trade execution

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CFD's can be very volatile and presents risks as well as opportunities

Macro economics

Prices are driven by central banks, interest rates and geopolitical events

Tight spreads

High liquidity means you can trade to very competitive spreads

Short the markets

Trade on falling markets (going short) as well as rising markets (going long)

Trade anytime, anywhere

Trade on desktop, close on mobile, our accounts work on multiple devices

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