CFD`s stands for contract for difference, which is a popular over the counter (OTC) financial product that allows traders to easily take market positions in a variety of different financial markets.

Blue Suisse offers CFD`s for traders who are looking at CFD`s as a substitute to Futures trading, they are derivative trading instruments offering opportunities to trade on the price movement of a wide range of financial markets including European, U.S and Asian market equities, commoditities futures, cryptos treasuries, currency pairs etc.

Among the benefits of CFD trading are that you can trade on margin, and you can go short (sell) if you think prices will go down or go long (buy) if you think prices will rise.

Trading CFD`s gives you the possibility to have a much higher leverage than traditional share trading.

You can also use CFD`s to hedge an existing portfolio. If for example you have already invested in an existing portfolio of physical shares or commodities with another bank or broker and you think they may lose some of their value over the short term, you can hedge your physical shares/commodities using CFDs. By short selling the same shares/commodities in CFDs, you can try and make a profit from the short-term downtrend to offset any loss from your existing portfolio.

The best of all above, you can access all global markets with CFD`s from one single Blue Suisse platform.

Why trade with us?

24 hour trading

Markets are open 24 hours a day meaning greater flexibility and access

Trading opportunities

CFD's can be very volatile and presents risks as well as opportunities

Macro economics

Prices are driven by central banks, interest rates and geopolitical events

Tight spreads

High liquidity means you can trade to very competitive spreads

Short the markets

Trade on falling markets (going short) as well as rising markets (going long)

Trade anytime, anywhere

Trade on desktop, close on mobile, our accounts work on multiple devices

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